Your Life in Photos: Catalogs, Websites, PR, Instagram Imagery


It seems like a no brainer that great marketing starts with fantastic photos, but time and again we work with clients who aren’t really sure what that means. White silhouetted product shots are a must if you’re putting together any sort of catalog or webstore. And for the most part, brands manage that hurtle early on. But photos showing true color, with great saturation in super high resolution seem to be a rarity rather than the rule. If building a great brand is tops on your list, do yourself a favor and buy an SLR camera with a 24mm--104mm zoom lens and get cracking. While smart phones have magnificent cameras these days they are no match for a professional lens and your photos will show the difference. Natural light either early in the day or closer to twilight will reveal the best color. Shoot RAW so you can preserve resolution and layers. Drape a sheet of white paper behind your product if silhouetted shots are what you’re after. This is a project you’ll need to work on consistently so you have a continuum of fresh images for marketing materials and social media.



The top order of business when it comes to photos is to create white silhouetted images of bottles, jars, lipstick tubes, ect.  Once you get this done, you’ll want to create more of a brand story utilizing a variety of props and layouts that are on-trend and give your social media feeds, webs, and catalogs more texture and appeal. One easy way to accomplish this is through the use of props. A couple years ago pineapples were the #1 prop used on Instagram. They were posed with product, held over people’s faces, taken on shopping trips, you name it. The creative pulse to pose with a pineapple ran the gamut, and naturally extinguished its appeal in the process. These days everyone is crazy for crystals, gemstones, slices of polished agate, and more. Mingle them casually with products laid flat (aka “flat lay”), use them as background and inspiration for color stories.


Display product in unexpected ways

You may not have gone into the beauty field to be a pop artist but if you’re taking on marketing a beauty brand in this hyper visual climate, that’s exactly what you need to be. Play and experiment and you’ll be surprised at what you create.


Show Texture

Time was that swatching was solely reserved for lipstick shades. Now thanks to #texturetuesday macro shots of masks, balms, lotions, and scrubs are much on the rise. If you’re selling on the web, and have limited real life exposure in retail stores, including macros of your products sans packaging is highly recommended.


Evoke Seasonal Changes

No matter how you’d like your photography efforts to be “one and done” images really should evoke the seasons.  One hero shot of a pretty lady that never changes her mood, or clothes, doesn’t give your customers anything new to discover month in and out.  Someone who found your brand looking for a great lipstick for holiday parties, isn’t the same person packing up for a vacation in April, and your imagery should reflect that.  You want customers to know that your website is a vital element of your company, not one that displays holiday cheer in July - as though no one has been home in months.


Kick Ageism to the Curb

If you’ve been relying on the charm of lineless teenage models to sell your eye cream for “mature skin”- you’re tip toeing down the wrong road and are about to go over a precipice. There’s been an exponential rise in “mature” models being signed to multi-million dollar beauty contracts of late. Consider the charm of Covergirl front woman Maye Musk at 70; the career of 96 year old Iris Apfel who just signed a major modeling contract with IMG; and the scores of grey haired Instagram stars who boast 50k+ followers using the hashtags #over50style or #styleatanyage.


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